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Mission Statement

Filling the skills gap by empowering recruiters through technology.

Fueled By People

Technology is our engine and people are our fuel. Our slogan embodies the reason our company was started. Clients, recruiters and candidates, people first is our philosophy.

Our Story

Ignite was founded and led by Chad Bean with the aim of creating a virtual recruitment free market where the people benefit before the company.


Launched in January 2020, we've grown to a Network of hundreds of recruiters, 12 Account Executives and a small support team.


Starting 3 months prior to a global pandemic was poor timing on our part but we've persevered. To be globally recognized in our first year was an exciting accomplishment (GrowJo #711, 2020, Tech Services). A proof of concept and foundation for us to continue building, we know this is only the beginning.

Ignite is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, but everyone is free to live and work where they want. We value our people and are building a diverse team of passionate innovators.

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Diversity Initiative

Diversity is not something that we simply theorize over. We put an active focus towards developing and helping prioritize this as a fast growing industry with recruitment support. We also offer pragmatic DEI initiatives to assist clients in removing implicit bias. We will actively work to improve this group over time through capital investments in people and technology.

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