Ignite your Career with a Recruiter

Don’t panic! There are certainly uncertain economic times ahead but instead focusing on what you can’t control, stay calm, make a plan, and do everything you can to gain or better your employment. Connect with a recruiter! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are already laying-off employees, and over 10 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the past month. Being prepared and staying connected during this time is essential.

Applying to jobs can be a daunting, laborious and frustrating process. I’ve heard countless candidates state that applying to jobs online is equivalent to sending your resume into a Black Hole. Most job applicants never get any feedback from the company other than an email confirmation. Use your time more wisely and reach out to a qualified recruiter, one that maintains deep industry specialization and connections in your field. For the past 15 years, I have focused on legal placements. My clients are law firms and corporations who partner with Ignite Recruitment to identify best in market Contract Attorneys, Associates, Partners, Patent Agents, and Paralegals.

It is essential to find a recruiter who has experience in your field. I recommend speaking with several recruiters and finding one that makes you feel comfortable and keeps your search confidential. When you entrust them with your resume and transcript, you should feel confident that your documents are in safe hands. An ethical recruiter never submits a candidate’s resume without their permission. Make sure to keep track of where your resume is going. I highly recommend you work with one recruiter at a time. You don’t want two different recruiters submitting you to the same client or company. Working with multiple recruiters at one time can create client overlap and can cause confusion or disarray if the candidate has been submitted numerous times to the same job opening.

Reasons you should contact a recruiter today:

· As previously mentioned, most recruiters have industry-specific knowledge and experience. Therefore, recruiters offer industry insight and they can make your job search easier.

· Recruiters can assist you with your resume and cover letter if needed. Usually, recruiters have insight into what skills the client is looking for in an ideal candidate so they are great at making your resume more attractive to the client.